We want to accelerate deep renovation processes by enhancing a consumer centered circular renovation process in order to make deep renovation environmentally friendly, cost effective and more attractive for consumers and investors.

Drive 0

The DRIVE 0 concept is based on developing circular deep renovation solutions and supporting consumer centered business models for 7 specific study and demonstration cases as real environments. The selected cases are already in preparation and each of these cases have a specific local driver for the need of a holistic and circular deep renovation, which is translated in ‘case specific challenges and tasks’ and case specific key performance indicators.

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Drive 0

Demo cases


Case 4: Abandoned manor, Argelato, Bologna

The building, Villa Cuccoli, is a traditional manor built for agricultural purposes in 1900’s made in stone-masonry. The villa, and the other two services buildings are surrounded by 1,2 ha of park. The abandoned agricultural building stock has a very strong potential, especially for social purposes (it will be used for disabled people after renovation).

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Case 5: Apartment building, Saue

In Estonia, more than 70% of the residents live in apartment buildings, constructed before 1990. The majority of those buildings have the same typical problems: high energy consumption levels, insufficient ventilation, uneven indoor temperatures, and insufficient thermal comfort levels.

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Case 6: Monitoring solution of complete energy renovated single-family houses, insulated by recyclable mineral wool with innovative bio-based binder

There are roughly 524.000 residential buildings in Slovenia and vast majority – 89% represent single-family houses (464.352 units). Most houses were built in 1970’s (18%), followed by 80’s (15%), 60’s (11%) and even 19th century (11%). Only 5% were built after year 2000. The houses built during these periods in Slovenia are relatively large heated...

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Fastighetsägarna promotes circularity amongst property owners

The construction and real estate sectors are facing major resource and climate challenges. Nordic countries have been pioneers when it comes to circularity and property owners’ associations.

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The Slovenian pilots

Energy renovations of residential buildings are popular in Slovenia, especially due to...

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Drive 0 in EU events

As part of the hybrid conference Sustainable Places 2021, the Drive 0...

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Greek demo case

We seek to highlight the construction procedure from day one till the...

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New Drive 0 podcast is out!

Drive 0 partner ACE - Architects Council of Europe launched the podcast 'Architects...

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About us

The Drive 0 consortium composed based on an approach and application in different areas (geo-clusters) in Europe, covering different climate zones. Moreover, extended experience from previous H2020 projects on deep renovation, learns that an approach is needed, suitable for specific national/regional circumstances in terms of climate, building technologies and traditions and cultural habits. As DRIVE 0 is structured around seven pilots in seven countries, for each country industrial partners or concept developers are ‘twinned’ with a technical partner (university, research institute or consultancy) to develop the specific holistic circular renovation products and concepts. For the market uptake and dissemination of the results, the DRIVE 0 consortium is effectively supported by three important European umbrella associations.

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Drive 0 consortium

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