Drive 0 technical workshop

The first technical workshop for Drive 0 was held in Slovenia. Here’s a photo impression of the workshop! 

The objectives of the sessions were: 

To boost product’s developments
What will make industries products circular?;
Defined circular KPIs and innovation strategies to achieve these;
Which additional supports are needed?;
Planning of the industries developments;

To revise demonstrator’s visions
Local drivers leading towards a need for a circular retrofit;
Circular deep retrofit plans of each demonstrator;
Preliminary timeline for the demonstrators;

To advance the demonstrators and industries involvement in the ongoing Drive 0 Tasks:
Clarification of the project implementation and financial issues;
Monitoring of the demonstrators and products performance;
Benchmarking on circularity potential.

Drive 0 technical workshop
Drive 0 group

On the second day, the Drive 0 partners paid a visit to the Knauf Insulation Experience Center (KIEXC), a case study of sustainable construction at European level. 

The center operates as a showcase for Knauf’s most innovative insulation solutions, as well as a training center for professionals in the construction center.