Press release Green Deal – Drive 0

The European Commission released today the Communication laying down the details of the much discussed European Green Deal. The strategic policy document outlines the concrete proposals that the new European Commission will put forward to fulfil the long-term EU climate priorities.

Among the most important measures proposed by the Green Deal, we see a new Climate Law enshrining the 2050 climate neutrality objectives, a Sustainable Europe Investment Plan, and a “renovation wave initiative” in line with a new Circular Economy Action Plan, which includes a sustainable products policy. Actions in the scope of the latter will be applied particularly to resource-intensive sectors such as construction. In this regard, a review of the Construction Products Regulation is foreseen, which will aim at upholding the usage of more circular products that will support the creation and preservation of a more sustainable building stock. 

The Green Deal, in line with Drive 0’s underlying principles and objectives, aims to put circularity and sustainability of buildings at the centre of the political debate for the years to come. In this context, the project consortium believes that the proposed initiatives are important milestones in the pursuit of Europe’s environment and climate goals. Innovative and holistic policies are key to ensure a fair and inclusive transition towards a decarbonised economy and a more sustainable society.

Drive 0 welcomes the opportunities that lie ahead, especially when it comes to boosting circularity, cost-effective and people-centred solutions that match both environmental and societal needs, whilst fostering energy renovation  and the market uptake of circular business models. Through this project and the experience brought by all partners, the consortium will do its part in contributing to achieve the long-term EU objectives, to the benefits of our common environment and of all European citizens.