International Union of Property Owners, UIPI, BE (EU)


The International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) is a pan-European non-profit association (ASBL under Belgium Law) comprising of 29 organisations from 28 countries. Jointly, they represent more than 5 million private property owners of some 20 to 25 million dwellings all over Europe. Founded in 1923, the UIPI aims to protect and promote the interests, needs and concerns of private landlords and owner-occupiers at national, European and international levels.

The UIPI is partner of the URBAN European Parliament Intergroup and the Build Up Platform of the European Commission. UIPI is a member, and since June 2014, the co-chair of the European Housing Forum. The UIPI takes part in EU Commission expert groups related to the EPBD and EED, the  development of a common EU framework of indicators for the environmental performance of buildings (LEVEL) and Construction 2020 and is often contacted to provide input to European Commission sub-contracted studies or JRC work on topics linked to energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings.

UIPI’s main task is to do public affairs, represent the interest of property owners and act as communication channel for national associations of property owners. Therefore, the UIPI has a strong expertise in real estate and housing related issues, in particular on energy efficiency related matters. UIPI also has a well-established communication.

EU Transparency Register: 57946843667-42