National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, NKUA, GR


The Group of Building Environmental Research, (GRBES), operates under the frame of the Section of Applied Physics, Department of Physics of the University of Athens (UoA). It carries out specific research and development programs on the field of environmental quality of the built environment. In parallel, it offers education and training to under and post graduate students, and prepares educational material and books on the field of energy and environment. It works on topics related to: development of Intelligent Materials, Energy Performance of Buildings, Solar Energy Systems and Techniques, Energy Efficient Technologies, Indoor Environmental Quality, IT Technologies applied to Buildings, Energy Management System, Monitoring and Control of indoor environmental conditions, design and integration of smart systems in buildings and urban environment, Energy and Environmental Rating. The Group is equipped with the necessary infrastructure to perform experimental studies on the field of environmental quality of the build environment. GRBES is working on specific International projects aiming to apply and demonstrate energy efficient technologies. Simulation techniques are used to optimize the efficiency of the energy systems while the finalized projects are monitored in detailed to experimentally assess their energy and environmental performance.

By using its modern and complete experimental facilities the Group has undertaken many audits aiming to identify energy and environmental problems in the built environment and test energy efficient technologies. Specific and optimized solutions are then prepared and proposed for implementation. In particular the research unit on Advanced Environmental Materials carries out research on issues related to the development of materials aiming to improve the energy performance of buildings and mitigate climate change in the urban environment. Detailed studies assessing the performance of materials and their impact on the urban environment have been carried out for a wide range of materials and companies. All studies involved measurement of materials’ radiative and thermal properties as well as assessment of their impact on the building and urban microclimate. Many prestigious International and National projects have been undertaken in collaboration with well-known professionals. The operational and financial management will be performed by the Special Account of Research Funds which has an extensive experience in numerous EU funded projects.