Pich Architects, ES

PICH Arcitects

Pich Architects is a an architectural studio created in 1986 by the architect Felipe Pich- Aguilera Baurier, and registered as a limited company in partnership with Teresa Batlle Pages in 1995. The studio is well known as a leader in sustainable and industrialized architecture, with project concentrated mainly in Spain, but also in France, Mexico or China.

The company is ISO 9001 Quality certified, reflecting the quality and professionality of the projects, construction management and related tasks. During the many years of professional practice, the office has cultivated relationships with specialists in different areas making possible to maintain stable collaborations and interdisciplinary approaches in the development of the projects. This cooperation network enables the company to address ambitious, multi-disciplinary architectural challenges which are carried out.
The studio is focused on sustainability and energy efficiency, applying on everyday basis tools as BIM, LCA, energy simulations and applied research, leading to the optimization of the constructive solutions to the climatic conditions and life cycle considerations. Pich Architects has a long-term experience with industrialized and modular architecture, developing approaches for design for disassembly and reusability, always within the actual real conditions of the sector, pushing the limitations.
The studio has collaborated on several European projects below the Horizon 2020 program, as well as successful research and innovation projects with industrial partners, developing innovative solutions and systems for construction, directly applicable in practice.