Timbeco Woodhouse, EE


Timbeco is a manufacturer of wooden houses with a 25-year history. Today we are one of the fastest growing and one of the leading timber frame elements building companies in Estonia. The Timbeco employs more than 160 people and the company’s office and production unit are in Saku municipality, Tõdva, with a total production area of over 7,800 m².

Our mission is to help our customers save time, environmentally and energy efficiently. On this basis, we are committed to developing our products and services, introducing new materials and developing advanced engineering solutions.

We have high goals. We want to become the most reliable supplier of wooden frame elements and modules in the North of Europe in 2030. We are committed to setting high goals because we have a strong and professional team.

Timbeco is focused on the construction of elemental buildings and the development of real estate in Estonia. The company develops, sells and builds mainly apartment buildings, row and terraced houses and commercial buildings. Timbeco, in cooperation with Tallinn University of Technology, is developing a nearly-zero energy building solutions to simplify the construction process.