Related projects

H2020 StepUP


Drive 0 sister project StepUP develops affordable solutions and technologies aimed at transforming the energy renovation market and making the decarbonisation of existing buildings a reliable, attractive and sustainable investment.

The project “uses occupants’ feedback and promotes an iterative approach to energy renovation, based on real and simulated data, which minimises performance problems, reduces financial barriers and optimises investments”, states the coordinator of the project from Integrated Environmental Solutions Ltd, Giulia Barbano.

Two public deliverables have been produced, including the description of the StepUP renovation methodology in its current development stage and a review of the data collection infrastructure and protocol for data collection in line with StepUP methodology.  Both documents are available for download and feedback is appreciated through the project’s website.



HOUSEFUL is a H2020 EU-funded project proposing an innovative paradigm shift towards a circular economy for the housing sector. The main goal is to develop and demonstrate an integrated systemic service (HOUSEFUL Service) composed of 11 circular solutions co-created by stakeholders in current housing value chain. The HOUSEFUL Service will aim at the circular management and efficient use of water, waste, energy and material resources for all stages of European building’s life-cycle.

HOUSEFUL approach will be demonstrated at a large scale in 4 demo-sites in Austria and Spain, adapting the concept to different scenarios, including social housing buildings. The project’s solutions will be evaluated from an environmental (Life Cycle Assessment), economic (Life Cycle Cost) and social (Social Assessment) point of view. Over the course of the project, 10 European Follower buildings will be engaged with the support of a Collaborative Community of Housing Experts to replicate HOUSEFUL results and maximise the impact of the project.

HOUSEFUL started in May 2018 and will run until October 2022. Visit the project website.