Objectives Drive 0

Our approach to improve the circular renovation process

For a better, sustainable future, we need to change the way we build. Our goal for DRIVE 0 is to speed up the deep and circular process by improving a customer centered circular renovation process. We are doing this to make the approach of circular renovations better: To make it more attractive for consumers and investors, environmentally friendly and cost effective.

DRIVE 0 has the following measurable objectives:

  • To make the deep renovation process more attractive, environmentally friendly, faster and cost effective for end-users by combining circularity, product innovation and process innovation;
  • To provide consumers and potential investors of deep renovation projects with attractive and understandable information of real total life-cycle performances (energy use, indoor environment and well-being);
  • To demonstrate circular renovation solutions in combination with local drivers in live study and demonstration cases;
  • To foster new consumer centred business models for circular renovation concepts;
  • To roll out the DRIVE 0 concept on a wider European scale by mobilizing European interest groups and umbrella organizations;
Drive 0 goal