Drive 0 why

Why the circular renovation process needs change

 Why did we start with DRIVE 0? Why do we want to improve the circular renovation process? Let us tell you why!

For a better, sustainable future, we need to change the way we build. The built environment is responsible for 40% of final energy consumption in the EU. The embodied energy in buildings counts for up to 60% of the building’s life cycle energy, with collateral embodied CO2. 25%-30% of waste streams generated in the EU derives from construction and demolition. This needs to change.

Improving the circular renovation process

Improving the circular renovation process will improve the way we build. Within the EU more than 50% of all extracted materials are attributed to buildings. The exploitation of natural resources and its collateral environmental impact is a serious threat to the natural, social and economic systems in the EU. Renewable energy technologies as well as reuse and recycling of resources/materials are needed to overcome this challenge. Therefore, a transition to both a deep and circular renovation process for the total European building stock is necessary.

That’s where Drive 0 comes in. The overall aim of Drive 0 is to speed up the deep and circular renovation process. How we want to do this? By improving a customer centered circular renovation process. That way, we want to make the deep and circular renovation process more attractive for consumers and investors, environmentally friendly and cost effective. Want to know how we do this? We’re excited to tell you all about our approach to improve the deep and circular renovation process.

Drive 0 our why

Why we want change

We told you about why we think we should improve the circular renovation process. With a dedicated team of partners, we’re focusing on improving the circular renovation process. The Drive 0 team has been formed based on experience from previous H2020 projects, knowledge in the field and geographical clusters (covering different climate zones in the Europe). We all love to tell you about why we joined Drive 0. That’s why we wrote down for you why improving the circular renovation process is important for us.