Find out the winners of the Circular Homes Challenge

Over the past few months, we launched the contest Circular Homes aiming at original ideas that promote circularity in daily life. The participants in the contest were required to submit a short video explaining their circular ideas. These videos showcased creative solutions for reducing or avoiding the use of non-renewable resources in the home, such as upcycling old furniture or reducing the energy consumption.

The initiative had two categories – one for students and another for the general public – with two different prizes for each category. The winners were chosen based on their performance in two categories: one prize was awarded based on the number of likes received on TikTok, and the other prize was awarded by a specialised jury. Find the winners at the links below:

Visit the Circular Homes website to see other inspirational ideas that were submitted as part of the initiative. We hope that these ideas will inspire you to embrace sustainability in your home.