Drive 0 in EU events

As part of the hybrid conference Sustainable Places 2021, the Drive 0 partners (coordinator Huygen & technical coordinator ZUYD) organized a joint workshop titled “Modularity and Industrialisation of Building envelope kits: Challenges, propositions and Barriers towards deep-renovation” which was held on 29th Sep 2021, and other active H2020 projects, that work towards deep renovations uptake through introduction of industrialized and modular renovation kits, were invited to participate.

For the six H2020 projects (DRIVE 0, STEP UP, ProGETonE, INFINITE, PLURAL, and ENSNARE) the main purpose for this joint workshop was to join forces in order to map and identify the specific challenges of these projects, discuss the proposed solutions and propositions and identify the barriers that these projects engage in further exploitation and market uptake.

During the first part of the Miro board session, the projects’ representatives, together with the participants, were able to share projects experiences so far and discuss the main challenges in the implementation of the project (modular, standardized) solutions. The identified challenges were located according to the current design-construction-building process. These propositions embody projects preliminary findings and reflect the preconditions which need to be met applying these solutions in the deep-renovation market.

In the second part of the workshop, the strategies/solutions to the barriers addressed in the previous part of the sessions were discussed. Furthermore, different stakeholders’ groups and key players were identified that can act upon these identified ‘adoption and market barriers’ and help further with penetration of these industrialized modular product systems in deep-renovation projects.

It was a highly engaging discussion, and the Drive 0 partners thank all the keynote speakers, panelists as participants for sharing their insights and experiences making this hybrid workshop very productive.

We will be sharing soon a white paper based on the outcomes of this workshop.