Drive 0 – The first consortium meeting

The Drive 0 kick-off meeting was organized 22 and 23 Oct 2019 at Brightlands Chemelot Campus, Geleen, the Netherlands.

While the saying “a good start is half the work” is almost never true when it comes to any real project, it does still play a very significant role in the momentum that the project begins with. Therefore, the main aim of the Drive 0 physical kick-off meeting was to give all together the project a good kick-off and to start the ball rolling (driving) in the right direction towards decarbonatization of the building stock. 

Besides getting to know each other, the aim was to set out the project’s vision while diving deeper into the circular renovation discussions and understanding the Drive 0 specific goals. Furthermore, the goal of the kick-off meeting was to understand what needs to be done in the first six months and agree on how to work effectively together. This meeting gave everyone a chance to speak about their own visions and expectations for this project which in the end led to tuning in the overall project’s strategy and to come to agreement on the final scope of the project.

Day 1 covered the overall introduction to project as to the partners while covering:

  • General introduction to the DRIVE 0 project: What is it all about & why we are doing it?
  • Introduction of H2020 and EASME (where Project Advisor Philippe Moseley joined during Day 2);
  • Presentation of participants: Company profile, staff working in DRIVE 0, role and tasks in DRIVE 0;
  • Presentation of the work packages (WP) by WP leaders: Brief introduction, actions for next half year (if applicable).

After the introduction sessions, the site visit to SUPERLOCAL Kerkrade was organized.

Afterwards the site visit, all the attendees visited the Glaspaleis Heerlen, where a first work session took place on mapping the external stakeholders groups that are relevant for the Drive 0 project. The members of these groups will be invited to join the Drive 0 Stakeholders and Advisory Board. Also, a short introduction was given about Glaspaleis as an example of reuse of the building which was followed by the social dinner.   

Day 2 covered the working sessions elaboration as it is important to understand what will be done in the first six months, prepare the strategy for the upcoming work and agree on the responsibilities and roles of each partner in the tasks that started from 1 Oct 2019:

  • WS 1: Inventory and assessment of available products and technologies
    WS 2: Development of a morphological design approach & Circular renovation process 
    WS 3: Collection of monitoring methodologies and information services 
    WS 4: Benchmarking on the circularity of the demonstration sites 
    WS 5: Mapping of stakeholders

After the official part of the Day 2, a walk around Maastricht with architect Harold Janssen from SATIJNplus Architects was organized (showing few examples of the reuse of buildings) before having a dinner in former fire station that now serves as a restaurant.

After the official 2-day Kick off meeting, open Drive 0 Symposium on Circular renovations was held on 24 Oct 2019 where around 100 people participated to this event.

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