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Why did we start with DRIVE 0? Why do we want to improve the circular renovation process? Let us tell you why! On our page Why Drive 0 we already told you about why the project is important. Now, let us tell you why we joined this project!

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Huygen Installatie Adviseurs

“Huygen has in its 80-years history an extensive track record in investing in knowledge and experience in energy efficiency. At this moment we are state of art in energy neutral building renovations, using only renewable energy sources. But the development of sustainability cannot stop at this point. Reducing environmental impact by circularity of material use is a logical next step towards sustainable societies and economies.
In Drive0 we are looking forward to connect and collaborate with new partners, manufacturers and constructors that develop low-carbon materials and renovation solutions to ensure circularity. Within these concept we see a huge potential for the use of modular HVAC-systems that can easily be replaced by Plug&Play principles.
But in practice on the financial part there is mostly a focus on initial price rather than on entire lifecycle costs. Therefore, the new technology should be supported by new concepts of ownership and business models that can support our new business activities (e.g. leasing, service models). We believe collaboration is the key element for developing successful technical and business wise circular renovation concepts, therefore we are eager to rethink the existing interdependencies in building industry, within this project as beyond.”


“Exploring solutions to improve the circularity of buildings is necessary to create a sustainable choice for EU consumers and property owners. With Drive 0, UIPI wants to be in the driver seat and identify how we can improve the sustainability of buildings in the most affordable and efficient way.”



“To do more in factory and where it is possible to use materials in an optimal way. Also to get more information about circular renovation.”

Housing Europe

“We are excited to work together with partners in different fields, including social and affordable housing actors, to learn and share new cost-effective methods that will make dwellings more comfortable and energy-efficient while using circular and recycling concepts.”

Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE)

“Because circular construction is the future.”

PICH Arcitects

Pich Aguilera Arquitectos, PICH Arcitects

“The idea to address the local drivers in each location, exchanging the experience and approaches at the European level makes a lot of sense. Glad to participate and to have the opportunity to drive the “medianera” walls in the 22@ district of Barcelona to circular solutions.”