Aliva, IT


Aliva, founded in 1986 as an independent company part of the Ivas Group (since 1953), is a company specialized in the engineering, production and installation of an architectural concept in the field of the building envelope. It’s a leading company in the field of ventilated facades, a thriving and dynamic business, highly specialised and versatile, that develops custom solutions based on specific requirements and challenges with a strong commitment to the “tailor-made” approach. Aliva can offer a complete service, including the study of components, the nature of the decorative cladding, the design of a specific fixing system, the production of the structural elements, the architectural production information and installation with highly specialised teams to make the original architectural idea a reality. To ensure that its service quality and technical design support are provided during operational stages in all parts of the world, the Aliva team works closely with its satellite companies Aliva Andes (Argentina), Aliva UK and Aliva Engineering (United Kingdom), Aliva Iberica (Spain) and with permanent establishments in USA, Panama and Switzerland.

Aliva is currently involved in another project from Horizon 2020, named ProGETonE, and participated to several national financed projects (under the ERDF – POR FESR framework).

Aliva is part of the National Association UNICMI, and is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.