Knauf Insulation, SI


Knauf Insulation is a worldwide leading manufacturer of insulation materials. Knauf Insulation’s substantial product portfolio comprises high-quality mineral wool insulation materials, such as glass mineral wool with ECOSE® Technology, rock mineral wool, blowing (or loose) wool, wood wool under Heraklith brand, and products made of extruded polystyrene (XPS). Recently the portfolio was expanded with the addition of a new range of green solutions. Our Urbanscape range is an innovative, lightweight and easy to install system with high water retention capacity designed specifically for green roofs, landscapes and horticulture. As a global player and part of an international operating family company, Knauf Insulation can now look back at more than 30 years of company history. Since the founding of Knauf Fiber Glass in Shelbyville (USA) in 1978, the company achieved sales of 1.3 billion Euros in 2013. Today Knauf Insulation has over 5,500 employees in more than 35 countries with more than 40 production plants in 15 countries. Knauf Insulation Slovenia is one of Knauf Insulation’s units with Rock mineral wool development centre, green solutions development and with largest rock mineral wool plant in the whole group.

Insulation alone is capable of cutting a building’s energy use by a third. So, as one of the world’s leading insulation companies, the most sustainable thing that Knauf Insulation can do is make sure that more insulation goes into new buildings and more buildings get renovated. Knauf Insulation is also developing a range of innovative new solutions to help make an active contribution to fight climate change and deal with the problem of dwindling natural energy resources.