Carpentry Factory Webo is a family owned business (SME) with a clearly view on the future. Core business is the production of wooden frames and elements. Innovation, advancement and improvement of our daily production routines are major activities to enhance the competitiveness of WEBO on the market. Recent developments include the implementation of a new production line for wood frames based on a series of 1, expanding the range of the product ‘scaffold less renovation’ . Scaffolding Less is a completely finished façade including the finishing. This is done by a system of attaching, mounting and tightening the facade from the inside. (This system is patent pending). In addition, WEBO is trendsetting when it comes to developments in our profession and in innovation. Our committed employees all contribute in their own ULOOP way to the open, results-oriented and informal culture. They are given every opportunity to develop themselves. We work with clients in particular and challenging projects in both residential and non-residential construction sector.